Based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Turboworks has specialised in turbocharger sales, turbo reconditioning / remanufacture, turbo repairs, turbocharger replacement / turbo fitting and DPF cleaning services, diagnostics and turbocharger upgrades for trade and retail customers since 2014. If turbos are involved, we can help you. Our services include the following:

New and remanufactured turbochargers from stock;
Turbocharger rebuilds;
Turbo repairs;
Turbo replacement and upgrades;
Turbo servicing;
Turbocharger balancing;
Turbo fitting and DPF cleaning services;
Turbo wastegate repairs;
Electronic actuator repairs;
Actuator programming and calibration;
Warranty inspections and reports;
General technical support, free help and advice.

A huge range of turbos in stock

We support customers in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. As an established UK turbocharger specialist, we stock a huge range of turbos for cars, vans, commercial vehicles, marine craft, agricultural equipment and industrial plant. The following include the turbocharger makes that we repair and remanufacture:
Borg Warner KKK
At any time, we’ll have up to 2000 new and rebuilt turbos in stock – including hard-to-find units. We also hold large quantities of turbocharger parts including the following:
Turbine and shaft;
Compressor wheels;
Centre housing rotating assembly (CHRA);
Repair kits;
Pneumatic actuators;
Electronic actuators.
In the unlikely event that your requirement isn’t in stock, we’ve a great track record for sourcing items.

Authorised dealers for Melett OE quality turbo parts

Customers find it reassuring that we’re an authorised dealer for trusted Melett turbocharger parts. Everything we do meets OE specifications. We also have a strict three-stage internal quality control process. Because of this, we can offer a reassuring 2 years warranty for turbochargers and turbocharger repairs. Please read our warranty terms and conditions. We also offer free next day delivery to most UK mainland addresses. 



Free turbocharger advice

Advice on turbocharger issues is free to the trade and public. It complements our fast, efficient turbocharger service that embraces turbo rebuilds, turbo repairs and turbo replacement with brand new OE-spec turbochargers or units that we’ve reconditioned to OM specification.

Have you or your customer got turbo problems?
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According to turbocharger makers Garrett Motion, the three main turbocharger failure modes are ‘oil starvation, oil contamination and foreign object damage’. If you’ve got a blown turbo, you’ll probably experience signs of turbo failure such as these:

Power loss;
Whining noises;
Excessive smoke;
Illumination of the ‘Check Engine’ warning light;
Vehicle has gone into limp mode.
Turbocharger failure can be caused by various factors, including the following:

Insufficient or wrong oil;
Diesel particulate filter (DPF) problems;
Damaged seals allowing oil into the exhaust system;
Vehicle age or mileage.

If your turbocharger fails (a ‘blown turbo’) you should avoid driving the vehicle any further. Once turbos fail, more severe engine problems will quickly follow if you keep driving the vehicle.

As soon as you identify any sign of turbocharger failure, it’s imperative that you seek professional advice from a qualified technician to minimise the risk of more severe problems. The longer you drive with a blown turbo, the worse the possible damage to your vehicle and the greater the repair cost.
For several reasons, and providing remanufacturing is done properly, we strongly believe that the answer has to be yes. That’s because remanufacturing a turbocharger saves you or your customer money. And because a remanufactured unit doesn’t use as many natural resources, or energy, as a new one it helps the environment too. A professionally sourced remanufactured turbo really can be as good as OEM first fit.

No wonder our reviewers regularly say things like, ‘wouldn’t go anywhere else for a reman turbo’ or ‘Very knowledgeable company. Sorted my issue out straight away and good prices’. They get our business philosophy of transparency, integrity, quality and value and see the results for themselves when we rebuild a turbocharger.

Authorised dealer for Melett Turbochargers

Based on many years’ experience, we work closely with British precision-engineered turbocharger specialists Melett Ltd. Melett turbocharger parts are widely recognised as being among the best in the world. Their website says, ‘A trade only provider, Melett supplies precision-engineered turbochargers, turbocharger parts, and turbo repair kits as well as complete VSR balanced CHRA/Core Assemblies to the professional turbo repair industry.’

Since 1995, Melett have been engineering turbocharger parts and repair kits in Barnsley, UK. The combination of their genuine turbocharger parts and our skills is another key to reliable, cost-effective turbocharger repair and your peace of mind.
It really does depend on what’s wrong with the unit and if there’s been any related damage to the engine. Please give us a call or email with details for advice and a quotation for repair or turbo replacement cost. We’re confident that you’ll love the quality, value and service that we offer.

What’s your turbocharger problem?
A blown turbo, boost controller (aka the ‘turbo controller’) issues, turbo damage from a broken manifold, or something else?

Please get in touch for your free, no-obligation quotation.
When you need a trusted turbo specialist for a precision turbo repair, call 01323 301999 or use our Contact Us page.

More about your turbo specialist

If your vehicle, or your customer’s, is experiencing problems, we offer a choice of turbo solutions to help solve turbocharger problems. Turbo seal leak symptoms appearing? Turbo whistling when accelerating? Turbo wastegate actuator failing? Performance down? A smoking turbocharger? Problems like these are all in a day’s work for our team. We can help!
From turbo whistle to bad remap symptoms, rest assured that as a long-established turbo specialist we’ll always thoroughly diagnose the issue. Only then will we recommend appropriate action, be it a turbo repair, turbo rebuild or turbo replacement with a new or remanufactured unit.

Whether your vehicle has a diesel or petrol engine, the time may come when its turbocharger stops performing as the manufacturer intended and you notice turbo failure symptoms. Maybe the turbo has had a very long, hard service life? Or, perhaps a previous owner didn’t treat the vehicle and its engine with respect?

Either way, it’s probably time for a replacement turbo unit or turbocharger repair. If you’re a private individual, many garages – especially main dealerships – won’t consider a turbo repair and will only offer you a new unit. Although this will fix the problem, it’s an expensive option. Fortunately, warranted turbocharger repairs from specialists like us offer an attractive alternative.

For some people, turbo repair means just fixing or replacing a worn or failed internal part. We go further. As well as diagnosing the cause of failure and making required repairs, we’ll advise on – and can undertake – any other work required to avoid the problem recurring.
Every turbocharger repair that we undertake includes the following:

Strip the turbo completely;
Clean and sandblast all components;
Check thoroughly for wear and tear;
Dispose of seals and bearings (we NEVER reuse these);
Consider reuse of other components if they meet 100% of OE specification. If not, we always replace them with new components;
Assemble, balance and pressure test CHRA;
Assemble turbocharger;
Flow test. During flow testing, set variable nozzle turbine (VNT) mechanism and actuators;
Prepare balancing and calibration certificates;
Carry out a strict quality control inspection.

Wastegate and turbo actuator repair

Other components are also replaced when worn or if specifically requested by you. As you’d expect, we can also repair your turbocharger wastegate, wastegate actuator and pneumatic actuators. From minor to major repairs, if turbochargers and their ancillaries are involved we can help you.

We’ve specialised in turbocharger repairs, replacement, upgrades and refurbishment since 2014. Our team of turbo specialists has built a strong reputation in the UK, Europe and further afield for diagnosing and fixing the most challenging turbocharger problems on cars, vans, commercial vehicles and more.

Where repair isn’t viable, we also take care of turbocharger replacement – for a fraction of the cost of having the work done by a main dealership.

Main dealers for all leading brands (including luxury and high-performance marques) entrust us with their turbo replacement and repairs. They value our technical skills and experience, competitive prices, integrity and rapid service when repair is needed to get vehicles back on the road as soon as possible.

Providing exchange turbochargers is a key part of our offer. You need a BMW turbo or an Audi turbo? No problem! At any time, we’ve typically got up to 2000 new and remanufactured turbochargers in stock. Whether your requirement is for a car, motorcycle, commercial vehicle, agricultural, industrial or even marine turbocharger, you’ll be amazed what we can supply off the shelf.

As an established turbo specialist, we pride ourselves on holding extensive stocks of brand new and replacement turbochargers, including obsolete and discontinued turbos. Our prices are competitive too, turbos are guaranteed for a period of up to 2 years from date of purchase or 12,000 miles whichever falls first, and the advice and support you get is second to none. Just take look at our Google reviews…

From experience, there are many occasions when a professional turbo rebuild (or a ‘reconditioned turbo’) will restore this key engine component to ‘as new’ condition – or even better if we apply tried and tested turbocharger upgrades for increased performance and reliability. We offer an upgrade service whenever we work on customers’ turbochargers. Please ask for more details when arranging for work to be done.

During turbocharger rebuilds we completely strip the unit and inspect all its components, including the following, to identify wear and damage:

Compressor housing;
Turbine housing;
Compressor wheel;
Turbine shaft;
Turbine wheel;
Variable Nozzle Turbine (VNT) if applicable;
Bearing housing;
Heat shield;
Seal plate.

After thorough inspection, worn or damaged parts, along with all seals and bearings, are replaced with new parts. Reusable parts are then cleaned and blasted before the turbocharger is rebuilt, turbocharger balancing is completed and we carry out thorough testing. Please note that during the turbo rebuild process, we aim to replace all rotating parts (subject to availability).

Another key part of turbocharger reconditioning is the testing and recalibration of the turbo actuator. After completion of turbo reconditioning you’ll have a newly-rebuilt turbocharger that meets OE specifications, complete with our reassuring 24-month unlimited mileage warranty.

How much does it cost to rebuild a turbo? Every case is different and costs depend on the extent of wear and damage, but we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our reasonable charges and the transformation of your vehicle.

An important variation on rebuilt turbos is the remanufactured turbo (also known as a ‘reman turbo’ or a ‘refurbished turbo’. In this case we automatically replace all internal parts with brand new ones. For remanufactured turbochargers, only compressor housings, turbine housings and actuators are reused.

We can also upgrade your turbo at the same time. Just tell us what you need from your turbo so we can upgrade it with one or more of the following:

Custom billet compressor wheels;
Larger compressor wheels;
Re-profiled compressor covers;
Re-profiled turbine housings;
Turbine wheel cutback;
Performance bearings and seals;
Porting and polishing;
Upgrade to ball bearings.

Whether your objective is longevity, reliability, economy or sheer performance, we can help.

As you’d expect, when we rebuild a turbocharger we apply our own multi-stage quality control checks and use only the highest quality OE-spec parts. Because of this, we can confidently offer our long, unlimited mileage guarantee on every rebuilt turbocharger unit. You save money, get the performance you want and enjoy priceless peace of mind.

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