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Turboworks Ltd is a small, independent, family owned-and-run business that really cares about its customers, staff and suppliers – and of course, everything to do with turbochargers, including sales, servicing and offering a fast, cost-effective, high quality turbo repair service.

Specialising in turbos since 2014

We’re based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Since 2014, we’ve dedicated ourselves to giving trade and retail customers in the UK and further afield the best possible advice, customer experience and value for their turbocharger needs. Our Google reviews speak volumes about what we do as turbocharger specialists and how we do it.

Highly-trained turbo specialists

Led by business owner and lead technician, Bartek Ratkiewicz, we specialise in selling, servicing, repairing and rebuilding complex turbochargers for cars, commercial vehicles and other land and marine applications. Our team of six turbocharger specialists is trained to the highest standards and passionate about our business and its place in the motor industry. All work and repairs are done in our modern, fully-equipped workshop.

A Melett approved dealer

As a small specialist company, our highly personal service is based on integrity, professionalism, staff commitment, modern precision engineering, the highest quality standards and innovative technologies and partnership with leading British turbocharger parts manufacturer Melett, for whom we’re an authorised dealer.

More about Turboworks Ltd

Like hundreds of existing satisfied customers, we’re sure you’ll appreciate our passion for all things turbos from your first contact.

Free help and advice

We pride ourselves on patiently providing free help and advice as well as fast, cost-effective products and services that come with a 24-month unlimited mileage warranty.

From questions such as, 'Can you drive a diesel with a blown turbo?' or 'How to tell if your DPF is clogged?' to 'How much does it cost to rebuild a turbo?' and 'Can you help with Ford Transit turbo actuator problems?' we promise you a friendly, knowledgeable response to any turbo-related enquiry. Go on! Try us! And by the way, here are the answers to those questions:
If you suspect that your diesel’s turbocharger has blown, you should avoid driving it any further. The more you drive a vehicle with a blown turbo the more damage you’re likely to cause and the higher the cost of turbo repair or replacement. Always seek professional advice as a matter of urgency.
This is an important question for diesel car owners because a clogged diesel particulate filter (DPF) is often associated with turbo problems in ‘oil burners’. Typically, a clogged DPF will cause the following symptoms:
The DPF warning light will come on.
Your vehicle will feel less powerful.
Fuel consumption will rise.
Starting will be harder.
You may notice unpleasant smells from built-up gas in the engine or fumes entering the cabin.
A clogged DPF is potentially bad news for your turbocharger. That’s because raised exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and back pressure build up can easily cause problems such as oil leaks, oil carbonisation and exhaust gas leaks.…
This is a popular one, along with the related question, 'how much does it cost to rebuild a precision turbo'. All turbos are precision components that require suitable specialist attention. In order for us to offer you the most cost-effective solution, please call us for a chat. Rebuilding may be the best option, but it could be that a replacement remanufactured turbo or even just a simple repair is the answer to your turbo troubles.
Yes we can. Since 2014 there are very few turbocharger or vehicle types that we haven’t serviced, repaired, rebuilt or sold. From rare Kawasaki motorcycle turbos to Audi turbo repairs, BMW turbo upgrades and Ford Transit turbo actuator problems, we know turbochargers and their ancillaries inside out and back to front – and that includes pneumatic and electronic turbo actuators.

Supporting trade and retail customers

If there’s one thing that you remember about us it’s that we know turbochargers inside out. From minor repairs to high-performance turbocharger upgrades, we completely understand the needs of our trade and retail customers.
Private owners
If you’re a private vehicle owner, we understand that you want the best possible combination of performance, economy and reliability from your vehicle. Turbo problems affect all of these and keep your vehicle off the road. That’s why we offer a fast, reliable service to repair or replace your turbocharger and get you back on the road as quickly as possible – often in 24–48 hours with the added reassurance of a trusted 24-month unlimited mileage warranty. Our prices won’t break the bank either and friendly, helpful advice is always just a phone call or email away. Where turbos are involved, we’re here to get you back on the road and keep you moving.
The motor trade
Alternatively, if you’re in the motor trade, we understand that you need to get customer vehicles repaired as quickly as possible or want to get vehicles back to a saleable condition and out on your sales forecourt to make money. Our turbo repairs, servicing, new and OE-spec remanufactured units help with both scenarios. We even offer trade customers a free turbocharger inspection service as well as free collection and delivery. If we don’t have a required turbocharger in stock, we can normally get any turbo within five days. And, of course, we’re always here to support your technicians with specialist advice on diagnosis, fitting, turbocharger fault codes and anything else we can help with. It all helps you build your business and your reputation.


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