Warranty Information

1. Unless otherwise stated, we offer the original purchaser a warranty for repair or replacement of their turbocharger for a period of up to 2 years from date of purchase or 12,000 miles whichever falls first. The warranty only covers the turbocharger for faulty workmanship or components. It does not extend to turbochargers that are damaged due to misuse in fitting or operation.

2. The reason for failure of the previous turbocharger must be rectified prior to fitting a replacement. Air and oil filters, engine oil, gaskets and oil feed pipe need to be changed or replaced. Proof of purchase of all components may be required to support any claims.

3. We’ll require proof and date of the original purchase and purchaser before considering any warranty claim. The unit for which a claim is being made must be returned to Turboworks complete. Any attempt to dismantle or repair the unit will invalidate the conditions of warranty.

4. The warranty does not cover any cost of labour or materials required to remove or reinstall the turbocharger, or any other costs other than those directly attributable to the repair or replacement of the turbocharger itself.

5. All other liabilities such as indirect or consequential loss (including loss of profit) are expressly excluded. No warranty is offered for any turbocharger used for competition purposes, or in any case where the manufacturer’s boost pressures or fuel settings have been changed or any device is used to modify them such as use of uprated actuators, bleed valves or aftermarket engine management chips.

6. Proof may be required of proper maintenance and servicing with particular regard to oil and oil filter changes. Failure to comply with manufacturers’ service requirements will invalidate this warranty.

7. The turbocharger must be fitted correctly, following the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions. Removing and fitting turbochargers is relatively simple, but shouldn’t be attempted by anyone without the necessary experience or expertise. We recommend that turbochargers are only fitted by someone with the knowledge and skills to do so.

8. Incorrect fitting, poor engine condition or maintenance, insufficient or incorrect air or oil filtration, or oil starvation could all lead to a claim being rejected.

Most turbocharger failures occur due to engine-related problems, which, if not eliminated, will result in premature failure of replacement, but without warranty cover. To help customers and claimants, Turboworks issues reports on the condition of any turbocharger returned to us during warranty period. This is usually a good indicator of the reason for a turbocharger’s premature failure. This warranty is in addition to, and does not detract from, rights that you have under statute and common law.

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