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Acknowledgement and agreement of terms.

This website is owned and monitored by Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd.

By browsing and using this site, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out, including disclaimers, and we reserve the right to amend such conditions, at any given point, effective immediately. When purchasing goods from the website (and/or completing the registration process to become a registered customer) you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions. Your continued use of the web site, after any amendments, constitutes an agreement by you to agree with and be bound by the new and amended terms and conditions.

Customer information

When placing an order, any information given must be correct and accurate. By ordering with us, you are agreeing to indemnify Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd for any losses, costs or expenses that Turboworks Turbochargers may have suffered due to false/inaccurate information given. Please ensure you have read and agree with our privacy statement on our website, including information regarding collection and usage or general user information. By sending us your details, you agree to grant Turboworks Turbochargers the right to disclose parts of your information, as outlined in our privacy statement. If you provide us with information containing, or attempt to transmit material of any kind to our website which contains, a virus, malicious computer coding or any another harmful component or if you attempt to amend/change anything on this website, or you breach our terms and conditions in any other way, Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd reserves the right to terminate your rights to purchase any goods or use our services from our website and to take full legal action to its full extent.

You acknowledge and give your consent to Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd, to use and disclose any information law enforcement agency in any jurisdiction that is processing and/or investigating any breach or suspected breach of any law in any jurisdiction of your identity or any other details/information you supply us with when using our website.

General issues

Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd only offer sales to those who can agree to and make legally binding contracts. Goods are only for sale to those individuals who are over 18 years old. Any individuals who do not fit the criteria will be legally prohibited from entering into binding contracts.

Anyone involving or communicating or engaging in any kind of illegal activities involving the use of this website will be at risk of civil or criminal prosecution. Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd can not guarantee that there will not be any illegal or inappropriate use of the website and may not have any knowledge of this, nor can Turboworks Turbochargers prevent this.

Ordering goods 

Any individual placing an order to Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd, using our website and abiding by our rules outlined above, is an offer by that individual to purchase particular goods for the price, including delivery and/or other charges specified on the website) at the order time. Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd reserves the right to accept or reject your offer for any reason, including without restrictions or limits, the unavailability of goods or errors in pricing/ expenses of any goods stated on our website, or any errors in your order. There may be reasons as to why we cannot process and complete your order. Your contract only comes into existence when you have received an email from Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd stating that we have received and accepted your order and payment has been confirmed. Once you have received the email of confirmation that your order has been successful and payment has been completed, you are agreeing that you can no longer make any changes, withdraw or modify your commitment made for the purchase of any goods from our website for any reason, including without limits or restrictions, due to any delivery delays.


Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd supply all prices on this website in either GBP (great British pounds) or Euros and are current at the time of issue but Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd reserve the right to change this at anytime including and/or subject to availability. The availability of any goods can change at any given time. Any individual using our service is responsible for any taxes, liabilities, duties or any other obligations imposed by any government or agency, including without restrictions or limits any customs fees, goods and taxes on services or any added value, added tax imposed on any goods acquired or ordered by the individual from this website. The amount, if applicable to you, of the added value in tax (VAT) to be imposed on any particular good is clearly stated within the pricing on this website.

Title and risk

Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd will reserve title of goods that are ordered until payment has been made in full, but all responsibility to risks of those goods will be passed to the individual that placed the order, on dispatch from Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd, Unit 1B, 16A Maple Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 6NY. United Kingdom.


You need to review the Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd delivery information outlined in this website. The delivery times stated on our website are a guideline only and Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd will not be liable for any error or failure to comply with stated guidelines regarding delivery information. Goods will be delivered once payment has been made in full and only then. When using a credit card to purchase goods from Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd, payment in full will only process when the authorisation and appropriate verification of your credit card has been received by us.


Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd have a returns informations policy stated on this website and all individuals placing orders, are required to read and consent with it. By placing your order, you are consenting to our policies and guidelines and are bound to Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd Terms and conditions, returns policy and form, and Turboworks Turbochargers liability is limited as outlined in that policy and terms and conditions. Incorrect goods – if customer orders wrong parts, we provide 30 refund or exchange policy. Goods must be returned unused, in its original condition, with the original packaging. After 14 days 15% restocking fee will be charged. We do not accept returns after 30 days. Changed your mind or no longer required. Within 30 days we will refund the amount paid less 15% restocking fee. This fee is to cover the shipping and packaging costs. Proof of purchase will be required. Goods must be returned unused, in its original condition, with the original packaging. In case the goods we supplied are faulty or are not of satisfactory quality, customer can return the goods to us for a refund within 30 days. Please note that you will need to cover the shipping cost back to our workshop. Please ensure that you return your items via tracked delivery and insured, as we cannot be held responsible for items that we haven’t received or arrived damaged in transit on the way to us. We do not accept returns after 30 days. 


Our turbochargers are sold on an exchange basis only. We require a surcharge (deposit) for your old turbocharger. When we receive your old turbocharger, providing you send it within 21 days of you receiving your new/re-manufactured turbo, we will issue you a full refund of your surcharge. If surcharge unit is not returned within 21 days, warranty on turbocharger is voided and surcharge will not be refunded. Please note turbo needs to come back to us complete as received from us and actuator plug must not be damaged. Surcharge will not be refunded and warranty voided in cases when returned surcharge unit has missing parts, actuator plugs or connectors are damaged, turbocharger housings are damaged or turbocharger has been disassembled/stripped. Customer needs to cover the shipping cost back to our workshop.


Individuals who have become a member and signed up to the registration process, and whom are no longer looking to be a member, and who is wishing to terminate their membership with Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd, are to send a written notice by post to Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd, Unit 1B, 16 Maple Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 6NY, United Kingdom or an e-mail to turboworksltd@gmail.com. Termination of your registration of customership with us only becomes effective once you have received a receipt of notification of termination from Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd.

Other Websites and advertising – links

Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd can at any point include advertisements or links to external websites including the use of hyperlinks and do not uphold any responsibility for the contents of any such link. Any external companies, advertisements or links on this website are not under Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd control and endorsements linked, potential viruses linked, or malicious content linked is of absolute no responsibility to Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd. Users clicking or browsing off links, hyperlinks and/or advertisements, do so at their own risk and hold all responsibilities of any potential risks that might/could occur and we are supplying these as a convenience to our users only. Third parties, contractors, embedded referral buttons and any hyperlinks contained on Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd website are supplied on a convenience basis only and is paid for by the extended companies, third parties other relevant businesses. Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd do not recommend any links associated with the website and we do not advert you to click on them. Please read information on the relevant advertisers website or contact them for their policies or regarding the advertiser and/or its goods/ products or services provided.

Disclaimer and limited liability

Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd supply all information in good faith and an 'as is' status. We believe the information to be accurate, relevant and current on date the information was inputted onto the website.

Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd and all employees, directors, agents or representatives do not uphold any representation or warranty to the accuracy, quality, completeness or reliability of any information stated on our website and none of which accept any kind of responsibility that could arise in anyway or any possible negligence or errors made in, or omissions from, the details stated on the website.

Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd make no consolidation or warrant that the website or any goods advertised on our website will meet your requirements or expectations or that the website will have any amendments made due to such findings, or that there will be any interruptions on this website or error free.

Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd have supplied all information and policies on this website relating to goods ans services in accordance with British Law and services in the UK only. This information may differ in other countries and in cases where it does not match up to a law where the individual placing the order resides, or from where you are accessing the website from, it is not directed at you and cannot be accepted by you and you are not able to order any goods from this site. If you do and you continue to go against these laws, you agree to indemnify Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd for any losses, costs, expenses or damages that Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd may suffer as a consequence.

In any case of indirect, special or consequential damages, Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd hold no liability or reassurance that may result from the use of our website, or for the cost of procurement of substitute goods or services or concluding in services bought or sought or of any details provided on this website, included but not only for damages for loss of profits/ earnings, use, any data or other intangible. This applies even if Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd has been advised in advance and are knowledgable of such act.

The the fullest extent available by law, Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd liability for any breach of any proposed/implied warranty or condition which may not excluded, is limited at the option of Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd if the breach is related to the goods or replacement of the goods, supply of the goods, repair of such goods and/or the payment of replacement of goods and any costs related to the matter and/ or of obtaining equivalent goods or any payment of having the goods repaired during this process.

Release and indemnity

Any previous claims/issues or complaints you may have made with Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd, and/ or without limitations including its employees/ directors/ agents and representatives which we are connected with, arise out of, coincide with, relate to or are incidental to any transaction, are to be forgotten about, forgiven, discharged, released, waived and relinquished on date and time of new and up to date contract. By using our service again, you are agreeing to forgive, forget and relinquish as such previous acts and you agree to reimburse Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd of any costs spent redeeming or defending itself, any legal costs, extra costly fees or loss in profits, including all involvement with our employees, agents, representatives or directors. This applies to any claim made within our terms and conditions outlined or the inclusion of our policies outlined in out website. You agree to pay such varied costs in the instance of our defence having to defend to other third parties to any transaction and /or person and/or as a result of you taking action/ costs involved in you refraining from taking action or instituting or defending any action of any kind or legal proceeding. You also agree to compensate Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd, its directors and employees, employers, agents and representatives from any demand or claim, including legal costs, made by any third parties due to or having been arisen out of your use from our website , any terms and conditions breached, or any infringement by yourself or other users of this website using your password or any knowledgable property or other identification, entity or person.


You may be gridlocked from using this website, including withdrawing your rights to purchase any goods from our website or the termination of your ability to use our services at any time by Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd without notice. All. Restrictions, limitations of liability or disclaimers by Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd in our terms and conditions and policies will outlive termination. Should you not give your consent or disagree with any of our terms and conditions, policies or instructions, including any subsequent changes, you must with immediate effect, discontinue using this website and if applicable, email and notify us at turboworksltd@gmail.com to terminate your registration of customership, consequently in your termination of membership with Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd.


In the event of your credit card being unauthorised, you must make your credit card provider aware within accordance of its rules and regulations and/or procedures. The banking industry accept different codes of conduct regarding fraudulent charges and your liability arising from unauthorised uses on your credit card. The responsibility lies with your credit card provider and not with Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd. After the process of becoming a registered member on our website , you will be given your own password in which you are solely responsible for the safety and protection of that password. This includes the reliability you hold regarding your email address and passwords and any activities that occur in relation to this. You agree to inform Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd of any unauthorised use of your email address or password and declare all and/other breach of security that you may know of or be made aware of.


Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd reserves the rights and copyright in all information on this website is owned by us. This website or any extraction from this website may not be duplicated, reproduced, copied, sold, resold or exploited in any other way for any commercial purpose, if it has not been expressed and permitted by Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd. You are permitted to download and keep a copy of the information on our website as a reference basis only, except as stated and granted under The copyright, designs and patents Act 1988 or other laws that may apply, no other extracts of material supplied on this website can be used, sold, resold, duplicated or adapted, performed in public or transmitted at all in any case, in any way using any process, without limitation to including the use of communication to the public without the appropriate and specific prior written consent or agreement from Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd.


On this website, any trademarks displayed are owned and trade marks by their respective owners. Nothing on this website should be thought or assumed to be granting any rights or licensing or the use of any trademark displayed without the accurate written permission granting of Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd, the relevant company/ third parter provider. The trademarks on your website may be available to you to place as you so wish as a hyperlink to your website , but only if you attain the accurately written permission granted by Turboworks Turbochargers Ltd.


All terms and conditions on this website have been written to abide by the guidelines in accordance to the laws in united kingdom. You are agreeing to completely and entirely submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the laws/ courts within the united kingdom. If in any circumstance these terms and conditions are found to be invalid, inaccurate or notwithstanding by a court of law, such invalidity or enforceability will not change the rest of the terms and conditions and they shall continue in full effect.

All rights not exactly granted in these terms and conditions are reserve.

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